An A to Z of Fish and Chips by Jimmy Judges

The show is part of Leicester Comedy Festival. An annual event held each February. Fish and Chips are no laughing matter, or are they? We’d seen the trailer for this show and didn’t really know what to expect. Some of the images looked like a deep fried Hieronymous Bosch costumed pantomime. Maybe that’s what it is to some, hosted by the enthusiastic Jimmy Judges.  

Dressed for the occasion in chip shop overalls to take you on a journey through a PowerPoint presentation, Jim told us that tonight we were on the letter V. We’d apparently missed the previous twenty one years.

With a fair amount of audience participation; we got to know that someone rated Birstall Fisheries 4.9 out of 5 and another chap was born in Walsall, or a chip shop in Walsall. We were also reminded that Charlie Collins of Frydales is a top fryer. Honourable mentions came for Churchill’s, Papa’s, Shap Chippy, Millers and the Cod’s Scallops. 

This chap certainly knows his chip shops!

There are also musical interludes and some fish and chips history. 

This type of Character Comedy is what I like. The show is billed as a celebration of Fish and Chips and that’s exactly what it is. With an anthem in a Glam Rock style stomper with a vocoder coda that will get you singing along in no time. Without giving too much away, you’ll be pleased to know that Miss Chip and Mr Fish got married in the end and we all walked away to Granby Fisheries happily ever after.

An A to Z of Fish and Chips also plays on the 19th February upstairs at Kayal, Granby Street, Leicester. 

A show not to be bettered or battered. All this chip chat will have you drooling all the way to the nearest chippy. 

Ratings out of 5:

Fishy Fun: 5
Chippy Chat: 5
Mushy Pleased: 5

Over all: 5

Or ***** (that’s five starfish)